Overdrive presents

B3 World Tour Live In Bangkok

(Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm and Jeff Berlin)

Date Aug.17th, 2006
Venue Bec Tero Hall
Capacity 2500 peoples

Three Legendary Bassists, Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm and Jeff Berlin, came to perform their concert at BEC TERO HALL, Bangkok, Thailand. Guitarist and drummer in this concert are Jude Gold (Associate Editor of Guitar Player) and John Mader (Miles Davis Tribute). Basses lead in concert is the newest thing in The World and absolutely for Thailand too but that day had crowned people in the hall. They sound checked and they pleased in all equipments, sound, lighting and management.
The show started as trio by Jeff Berlin, voted #1 Jazz Bassist in Guitar Player magazine's Readers' Poll two years in a row, played with Jude Gold and John Mader. He handled the audiences with his fluently power skills by his finger technics. After that Stu Hamm, Best Jazz Bassist (three years in a row) and Best Rock Bassist (two years in a row) in Bass Player magazine, came up to show his tapping bass style and his composition. The audiences yelled along his show. Then Billy Sheehan, the Best Rock Bass Player title from Bass Player magazine 5 times and Best Bass Player from Player Magazine Readers' Poll 14 consecutive times In Japan, played as Rock, he performed more Rock feeling. People love it too much.

The last performance is three-bass jam. Before the concert finished it was an encore phrase with "Crossroads" to fulfill the end of B3 Live In Bangkok.

Review by Overdrive

Songs Set

Jeff Berlin
1. Everyone gets old
2. Ace of bass
3. Groovin high
4. Tears in heaven
5. My happy kids
6. Runaway train

Stu Hamm
1. Solo
2. Terminal beach
3. Katahdin
4. Out bound
5. Solo
6. Flow my tears
7. Raio free albe muth
8. Solo
9. One star

Billy Sheehan
1. Suspended
2. Don't look down
3. Goldilox
4. TAJ
5. Addicted to that rush
6. Led boot
7. Shy boy

8. Castro hustle
9. Big bottom

- Cross Road